Comprehensive List of Wedding Vendors Needed for Perfect Wedding Ceremony

WeddingStill cannot believe that you are about to get wed? Well, it is time to get real because wedding planning is not a pleasant process if you are not ready. In order to have that perfect wedding you have in mind, you need to work with different vendors at the same time.

Wedding vendors are the ones who will complete your dream of a perfect event. Make sure that you complete the list or else there will be a missing component. Here is the list of wedding vendors needed for perfect wedding ceremony:


The event will not be successful without food and drinks. In order to finalize your wedding caterer, you need to know the exact date and guest count of your party first. There are a number of choices out there that you can make use whether you prefer Italian, European, Asian or American style cuisine. The pricing will always depend on the type of package you will get.

Reception Hall

After the wedding ceremony, this is the place where your guest should proceed. Make sure that the place is cozy and comfortable so that your guests will enjoy. If you have more than a hundred guests, make sure that the place is big enough to cater all of the people in your list. affordable wedding venues could be in a garden, near the beach or maybe inside the hotel


If you are a devoted Christian, you can always have a wedding in a church or chapel. There are some wedding chapels that are open for all religions. The minister in the chapel will be providing all the legal documents that the wedding is legal and certified by the state. Pick the best chapel because it is where you are going to do your last walk as a single individual.


If you want to ensure that your guests will not be bored, get a wedding DJ or live band. It is soothing to have good music in the background while sitting in the table drinking champagne. DJs can basically play all music in the playlist but if you want to have a live sound, getting a band is always a good choice.

Bridal Flowers and Designs

Picking a wedding flowers Houston that will arrange for your bridal flowers should be done carefully. Make sure that you work with him or her closely so that you get flowers that you really like. There are some flowers that are off season so make sure you always check what the good ones that is available during your wedding duration. You need to reserve this service ahead of time to ensure your flower stock.

Bride’s dress and groom’s attire

Choosing attire for the groom and bride is a very critical process. For the bride, she needs to have a list of how she should look on her wedding day. Finding a suit for the groom is easy because men usually don’t get too picky with their outfits. Brides on the other hands are more focused on their wedding dress hunt. In order to avoid being confused, you need to have a consultant. This process also includes the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Wedding rings and bands

The last in the list is getting wedding rings and bands. There are too many expensive engagement rings and bands out there but if you want cheaper ones, you can always find alternatives in the market like titanium and tungsten rings. Another classic choice is a ring made of white gold which only bears small diamond which makes the price a bit lesser.

The list of wedding vendors needed for perfect wedding ceremony that are mentioned above are really important. Make sure that you did not miss any of those. Always double check in order to avoid mis-looking the very details of your wedding. Once these details act in unison, you are sure to have the best wedding in the world.